A young and dynamic team, Gibson Studio is born with the goal of creating, renewing and transforming needs. The customer is the pillar of our creativity. It is their dreams and wishes that coordinate the trait of each project. We make dreams come true by working with attention because we see an opportunity in every work, with the need for escape when we open our minds to new connections and in constant motion because we generate ideas.


 “god is in the details.”  – mies van der Rohe

at Gibson, we provide architectural services customised to your life projects, and we go the extra mile on architecture and design for our clients. We incorporate numerous areas into our project coordination, all with the goal of reducing any stress and pressure on our clients and creating a structure that works best for them.

  • architecture Design
  • bim and technology
  • construction documents
  • customer driven
  • presentations
  • teamwork and comunication

lovely clients

with every new client is an open opportunity to find, create something that is both extraordinary and unique within a design that is effective, practical and smart. Whether it’s a striking new-build home, to source an exquisite rare art piece, a beautifully restored period property, a luxury hotel or a hospitality suite at a sporting venue, a project’s natural starting point is always the client, ensuring a seamless client experience every time.

interior design

“great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together” – vincent van gogh

the success of our company lies not only in our products but also more importantly in our people and the service we provide. We want to be more and better for you, and because each client is unique, each service is personalized. We look forward to have the opportunity to work with you.   For more information, please contact us for a free consultation, or visit our showroom.  About our interior design services: always up to date with new trends and products, present your project in 3D, adapt to your style and schedules.

  • sense of style and other artistic abilities
  • good eye for detail and style
  • creative thinker and problem solver
  • strong customer service skills
  • good time management and organization
  • teamwork and comunication

unique detail

the Gibson team creates functional and harmonious environments, each detail is carefully thought through and every choice is made to detail in order to go towards meeting each client´s needs and sublime expectations.

“many can set up a house, but only a few understand the art of creating a home”

bespoke product

“the details are not the details. They make the design” – charles eames

our designs are manufactured entirely to the wishes of the customer in any desired form, size and always to a sublime quality. The premium construction with the unique architecture and finest conception of interior design and lifestyle.

promoting sustainable lifestyles, using organic, eco friendly made to order with a ethical concern.

because we want to celebrate and honour the craftsmanship and every single person who creates soulful designs, a tribute to all makers for their, wisdom, storytelling, and for building history with beautiful creations through ancient techniques and raw materials.


  • Curtains
  • Drappery
  • Joinery
  • Rugs

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